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Unverified Paypal, Singapore(SG)/Asia and International Sites

Hey pals! I've spent the past month ruining my eyes searching up sites that pay to unverified Paypal accounts in Asia. I'm from Singapore, but do not click away just yet, for you might find something new despite living in Europe or the US.
This bad baby pays 1USD per survey, and pays out in less than 24h. Pays in Bitcoin or Paypal. What's not to love? (International)
Pays $5 every 600 points(or 3-4 surveys). The money is paid out within 5-10 days. Alternatively, if you're not a fan of Paypal, they have other e-vouchers on their site which I suspect differ for every country.
Rakuten Insight Surveys(US, EU, Asia)
They pay $3 a pop, about every 2 surveys. Paypal, or e-vouchers. Only pay out from the 20th to the end of the month, though.
Testable Minds(International)
There's a minimum limit of $10, however they pay in USD or GBP, which is always fun when your country's currency is weaker than the above two. There's a 5% Paypal fee, or you can use Revolut to get all the $$$. The studies are generally fun, but a drawback is that you need to have notifications on and be at your laptop all day, because if you don't click on a study immediately, it's all filled up.
The Feedbackers(International)
A site I recently discovered(20th May +) in the dredges of beermoney or WorkOnline. They pay you to watch amateur short films(less than 10min) and critique them. You have to do an initial film for free, but once that hurdle is crossed, money! It's really fun, I love it.
Curious Cat(International)
I like this application. Available on both iOS and Android, there's a minimum 100 points(approximately $1) limit, and it almost never disqualifies you in the middle of a survey. If your profile is not a suitable match, you are either screened out at the very start or after answering one or two questions. Though it might get frustrating being constantly screened out after just clicking on a survey, the application isn't broken, your profile just doesn't fit. Better than others in that respect.
Reddit(Is it international? Hmm....)
WorkOnline, slavelabour, tutor, HireaWriter and PaidStudies(this one's only for the US people lol) are all great ways to earn money! (link to cash I made this month)
Other applications that I haven't cashed out on yet but get a mention because I think they can be very useful :
SoonVibes(FR, EU, International)
Get paid to listen to music! You get points for ranking an unknown musician's song on Blind Rating mode. A French startup company, it's 10 points for liking a song, and 50 more for commenting. You get paid in vouchers - 5000 points for a $10 Steam voucher, and $10,000 for a $25 Netflix voucher. Have at it, people.
Get paid to do tests. I can't specify what exactly you'll be doing, because I've only gotten two tests because of my geographical location, but I got paid 20 cents to click once on an image, so think about that. Other usability testing sites that look fun but I haven't been able to access BECAUSE OF MY LOCATION are Checkealos and Ping Pong. I wish you more luck than I have had.
Apiary Buzz(Singapore)
Cash out is standard $20. You can get e-vouchers for Guardian, Watson's, or just get the money through Paynow. It's like Milieu Surveys in that the interface is very nice, and the surveys are only 1-2 mins long, but it requires forever to cash out.
Opinion App(Singapore)
Sign up for a bunch of online survey panels, like Triaba, ResearchMinds, TGM Panel, and all those panels will conveniently show up in this one application. Minimum pay-out is $16 for all of them, unfortunately.
Milieu Surveys(Asia)
Do 2-3 min surveys every day and get $10. Not a massive hassle as the layout is rather nice.

That is all from me! I hope this post benefits someone! Will cross-post in beermoneyglobal.
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