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Bitcoin is an internet based crypto currency introduced in the world with the article "Bitcoin: Peer-to- Peer Electronic Payment System" published by a person or group using the name of Satoshi ... The Bitcoin blockchain itself is validated by the miners who are incentivized to mine for Bitcoin. You might use Bitcoin to process a payment with a local business and that transaction will be verified via the mining process. So it’s a decentralized payment system that is self validating and secure. At present, Bitcoin is kind of the “central coin” in a crypto world with a whole bunch of ... For Bitcoin I see positive expected value, even if you assume there is a 90% chance of losing all your money. But that isn’t what I want to talk about today. I was impressed by this post from Cullen Roche at I’m happy to see someone who has done some serious thinking on money has some positive things to say about Bitcoin. His ... After all, Bitcoin isn’t backed by men with guns, the government’s ability to tax, the banking system’s depth or really anything. Bitcoin is the purest form of a decentralized medium of exchange that presently exists. But what makes Bitcoin so interesting is why anyone cares about it at all. And the reason for this is grounded in some work by a great economist at UC Berkely named Hal Varian. After all the worry and concern that has been meandering throughout the space, bitcoin has again crossed the $12,000 threshold for the second time in just weeks.It’s $12K All Over Again for BitcoinThe last time bitcoin hit this figure was in the middle of August. Sadly, the price switch didn’t last. It rose all the way to $12,400, but bitcoin was not able to keep up the momentum and fell ...

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